[How-to] Fitting an ACR Outer Barrel Stabiliser

Since picking up the ACR a few weeks back I noticed a few things that could of been done better, the floating barrel was one of them.

I mentioned it to a few people and I was stoked to see the rapid production of this ‘Outer Barrel Stabiliser’ when I dropped back into Gel Blaster Australia.

Really simple installation:

Remove the forearm grip/ shroud by dropping the pin and sliding it off (you had to do the opposite when you first assembled it).

Clip the ACR OBS right in between. It snaps on nicely, just make sure it’s facing forward as pictured.

Replace the forearm grip and the ACR OBS will wedge itself right up against the end. Insert drop pin… job done :metal:

Now she doesn’t budge.

Keep innovating and let your local shop know if you have any suggestions of how things could be done better!


Nice. I just ordered an ACR. where did you get the stabiliser?

Gel Blaster Australia https://www.gelblastersaustralia.com/

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It was easy to fit. Just a bit of a tight fit for me as I have a rail bolted onto the front guard.
Works very well.

Hi fellas, just wanted to know if anybody has an STL file so I can 3d print a barrel stabiliser for a mates ACR.

Negative on my side. You’re a good friend :wink: