How to install motor in M4a1 gen 8?

I just bought a new 470 motor for my gen 8 m4a1z
That white thing, should that just pop off?
It’s the first time iv tried to do it myself so any help will be great thanks.

DONT POP THE WHITE THING OFF, thats the gear for the motor. im no expert so just look up a tutorial on the youtubes.

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I’m assuming that is a picture of the stock motor you are replacing, if so then yes pop the pinion gear (white thing) off and put it on the new motor.

Two important things:

  1. There will be a clear washer underneath the pinion gear, don’t lose this, you will need to transfer it onto the new motor along with the pinion gear

  2. Make sure you don’t bend any of the fins on the pinion gear

Cheers! It all worked. Just need an 11.1V now.

keep in mind that 11.1v might result in the plastic pinion getting shredded.
you may have to go metal gears (and other bits)

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Thanks Arty! Yeh I have a feeling your right.
I heard after buying metal gears do I need to ‘shim’ them? Not sure what that means. Have you done it before?

Shimming, very basically, is putting small shims (washers) on one or both sides of the gear shafts to take up any slack (up or down movement in the gearbox) that may be there.
You should check out Low Guido’s youtube channel. Not much he hasn’t covered.

Also, see if you can get a gen8 gearbox (new or used) and take it apart. You can then see how it works, and how the gears and other parts interact with each other. And then practice putting it back together again :grin:

Thanks Helter I’ll go buy some cheap metal gears and see what damage I can do lol