How to make Gen 9 Drawing gearbox?

Hello guyz, actually i dont know how to make drawing for gen 9 gearbox…
because the nylon gearbox not good enough… I decide to make own gen 9 gearbox…

How to make 3D drawing gen 9 gearbox??

Hopefully this will help you out:

Just so you know, it takes a long time (especially for beginners) and even when you’re done, it might not print out exactly as you wanted so expect a lot of tinkering…
Also, even with a perfect model, there’s usually a bunch of cleanup (cutting/sanding) for bigger objects that are run through cheap printers…

Cheaper and easier to buy a 3d scanner and scan a nylon box then print it in metal.
either way you go its going to be expensive and take a lot of money and time.
just wait till airsoft is legal, make a wicked nylon box or wait for somebody else to do it.

I’d go with Fusion360.
Problem is it would not be strong enough unless printed in metal. And even that would be weak. You’d really need to injection mould nylon.

Yes i really need gen 9 drawing and make metal gearbox shell

How are ypu goimg to do it. What skills and equipment do you have. Start a new thread if you go through with it. Would be an interesting read

As far as I know the 3D scanner is a pretty expensive toy, at least the price of a good one starts at $7,000. I’ve heard of inexpensive 3D sensors, but I don’t know how good they are in terms of 3D scanning.

I’m learning to use FreeCAD at the moment.

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there is tinkercad as well

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