How to print from fusion and the recommend size of each part

hey guys made a milestone of a mark on the gel blaster bow and will be printing it soon just need your help on how i can get the part all print got jaycar they said they can print but what size should i make each peice
??? thank you can upload photo if you want to see the progress

You’d have to know the bed size of what they are using.
One of my locals was using the Flashforge Guider II which meant their bed was 280x250x300.

It needs to fit into that.

Didnt make it to scale in fusion?

I am in the process of designing something a little special myself…I’ve never done 3D modelling before so it will be slow.
I ended up making my project design in 6 sections (buttstock, upper, receiver, handguard, grip, barrel, other) as it will be a 1:1 size and over a meter long.

hey karl wouldnt mind get in designing a special butt stock with based on a real design too we could make one kind piece