How to properly maintain gel ball size for storage?

Hey team,
After soaking my War-interest heavier milky whites, (around 4hrs and 30mins) i strained them to get most of the water out, then stored them in an air tight glass jar and stored them in the fridge.

  • Next day, I noticed that they slightly decreased in size, compared to another batch of milkys that were fresh out of the water. Is this normal? Did i miss something during the process?

-Is it also possible to over soak the gels?

Thanks xo

The gels I put in fridge Just crumbled apart , can’t remember what brand they were . I’ve had best results keeping mine in just water bottles after I strained them and keep them in the cupboard. They seem ok for 4 or 5 days before they start to shrink.

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Thanks for the reply mate. I reckon ill give that a try. I guess all gel balls are different in terms of storage

Yeah the ausgel yellow ones I can only get two days before they start to deteriorate bit the pink last a bit longer and the white the longest ,

Maybe I’ve been lucky…
I usually soak mine a couple days before I know i need them and then strain them the day before.
Anything left over gets used the next week.
I actually had gels from before covid that I used once we were allowed back out.
They arr kept in the fridge and if I feel it needs it, I will resoak them prior…
I’ve had no issues with gel consistency, strength, etc…

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Gels can’t really be oversoaked, they only asorb a finite amount of water and that’s it. Soaking them for shorter periods of time’s useful for growing smaller diameter gels for tightbores, etc. But you have to closely monitor the gels to acheive your desired size.

I use AKAs almost exclusively, stored in the fridge in an airtight bottle they’ll be good for a couple of weeks usually. If yours are degrading after a couple of days I’d look at swapping your gels for a better quality option.


I’ve got a bottle with some AKAs I made up back in March I’m still working off with my P1s. Used an old 4l shellite bottle, Drained most of the water out after I initially soaked them, still about a cm of water in the bottom. Gels are still pretty consistent and shooting well in the P1.

I’m much the same as the crowd, I use mostly AKA’s and drain and dry the day before or day of use. Any left overs stay in a 3 Ltr milk bottle in the fridge and get used whenever, they last for ages.

I currently have some ultras mixed with glows for this weekend night game. Some akas and some Milkies for testing builds/ammo fodder. Once I grow them I’ll put them in your standard 3l juice bottle and sometimes they’ll sit there on the shelf for 4 weeks before I use them and honestly they don’t shrink on me. (Have some armortech whites used for ammo fodder that are about 8 weeks old. Still not a single misfire ) :thinking:

Are they still making aka gels

Yeah. Check around. I know command elite have a tonne at the moment

i keep ausgel milkies in a plastic soft drink bottle with most of the water drained out in my cardboard for weeks and don’t have a problem with them at all. I’ve never stored them in a fridge tho, is it better to store them in there?

I don’t store mine in the fridge because if they freeze even a little they are toast.
I don’t have issues even after weeks

I put some in the fridge last nite and just shot some and they seemed ok this time . I’d only ever done it once before and they crumbled apart.

Here a pic of what I mean . These were made last Friday , (top photo) were Titan milkies.
Yet I have another bottle of armour tech milkies (bottom photo) from the same day and they are fine . Both lots made same day, both stored same way side by side

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Thanks. ill take that into consideration. Just strange how the gel balls i’m using (ltd heavier milkys) are doing this. Which are usually a quality choice

The gels look more uneven in size in the top pic. But as long as they’re shooting well thats all you need i guess

So basically ill just store them in a airtight container/jar in room temperature?

Well that is what I do

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That is 40k AKA Ultras.
Should last me the next month while my SAW is on downtime!