How to remove the slide

I haven’t really played around with blasters much but I’m looking to upgrade internals.
I’ve had a look around on the internets but there isn’t much out on the 90two.
I was just wondering if anyone had pulled one apart yet and if so could they give some advice o how to remove the slide. I want to have a play with it but not at the risk of breaking it

Any advice would be appreciated

Thank you

my understanding is that its identical to the g18 in many ways.

which would have you punch the pin in the receiver through, then pull the slide up and off the back.

when i first did this with the g18 i was sure i was going to break something but not so

the resistance you will feel is from two fairly robust bits of nylon pressing against each other…persist.

Thanks for the reply.
I’ll have to have a look when I get home

I brought mine yesterday and I can confirm that yes, punch out the pin then pull back the slide.

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Hello, new to world of gel blasters, really new. Could someone please show me where the pin is located on the receiver?

Welcome to the forum @LordTimothy

In the picture below, you can see it directly below the “A” in the name Beretta on the slide.

Thanks, I thought that might be the one.