How to reshape brushes

I have noticed that my brushes only have two small parts are makin contact with the commutator… I have read that this is less than ideal but many motors have this problem and i am wonderin what i should use make it and even rounded surface… Instead of to train tracks on the face on the brush. Any good ideas would be great

Want a rounded but flat face like the top one in last pic… Gotta find the right thing to wrap with sand paper. Just not sure what im gonna use yet…

don’t use sandpaper. adhesives used can ruin brushes and commutators.

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They should ‘run in’ pretty quickly… maybe run them in in water? pop


Back in early RC car days, all we had was brushed motors and drivers used all sort of tricks on them. One has already been mentioned, water dipping.
There are still places you can find tools for brushes and comms, Hobbyking for instance. Brushes and comms do require some maintenance anyway to keep motor in peak performance.

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The reasoning behind the brush being like that is to advance timing a fraction and to reduce brush arcing as it makes contact with two of the comms poles. Lipo batteries are giving out more power now and will produce a lot more arcing.