How to set up a chrono

I bought a chronograph but have no idea how to set it up. There’s a memory option where I put the info for the gel balls but I don’t know if I’m doing it right any help please???

You n es two key inputs

Gel size: I average this out over a bunch, say 20 or so
Gel weight: same deal, I average out over a bunch but you need rather sensitive scales

Bringing this back up as I got my own chronograph, testing with my vector and it’s either chronograph is set up wrong or something is wrong with my vector,

I asked the guy who was serving me what settings do you roughly recommend and I’m pretty sure this is what he said,

I haven’t got good enough scales to measure what I was shooting.

I set mine to 7.3mm and 0.20gram


Oh. 0.20 grams, the guy said 8 grams, why I figured I would put 8 grams

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That would be a real b ullet weight :rofl:


That’s what I thought, I’m like Arhh 8 grams but okay! the amautuer in me is showing

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Is it necessary to input the correct weight and size? What bearing would it have versus just using the standard setting?

I don’t know never tried inputting the incorrect settings :thinking:

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Weight only affects the joules calculation.

Size: shouldn’t but I’m not certain. Curious


Just ran a test, 6mm vs 7.2mm. No notable difference in the numbers.

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You can get an app for some that have Bluetooth.

Another question people
Wt is the weight input, so would the Cal be the gel size

Budget .22 - .24

But it doesn’t matter for fps

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Ok. Something seems wrong with my readings, it saying my m4 is only avg 200 fps it can’t be right .

I can smash up a aluminum can with it

Which gels?

Armour tech ultra

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Can anyone recommend a good chrono? In Australia?

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Shoot your leg. 200 can hurt in the right place. Lol