[How-to] Vector V2 Sleeve and Barrel Upgrade

Step 1. -Set up your work area

You’ll need your LeHui Kriss Vector V2 Gel Blaster, an Allen key set, and a small set of both phillips and flathead screwdrivers.

Step 2. -Remove all blaster casing screws

Take care when unscrewing the spring retainer plate (behind the LKV V2 mag insert) as the spring is loaded. Also, the safety and firing mode switches have really small springs underneath them (gives that tactical feel when switching), so slowly lift them off after unscrewing them. They are way too easy to lose… trust me :frowning:

Step 3. -Remove blaster casing

When removing the blaster’s casing, the opposing side (left side casing) is latched to the bulk of the body through a single spring.

This spring is found within the head of the blaster holding the mag prime lever in place. Unscrew the spring and the casing moves freely from place.

Step 4. -Unscrew and remove gearbox casing

Please note that when unscrewing the gearbox casing that the internals may come loose and displace themselves. Take photos before hand to allow for later comparison.

Step 5. -Remove T’piece and barrel

The removal of the gearbox casing will provide easy access to the selective parts.

Do note that if your blaster has already been used before, the T’piece section might need some cleaning due to crushed gel balls.

Step 6. -Remove plunger and sleeve

Remove the piston head from the original sleeve and insert it within the new. Make sure that the barrel and sleeve have both been calculated to accommodate the best volume metric efficiency (search in the forum for further details).

Now is a good time to change the O’Ring for your plunger… mo gains!.

Step 7. (Optional) -Transferring T’piece

It is possible to repurpose the existing T’piece. There are a couple of methods to do this, one is boiling water. Simply submerge the T’piece within the boiling water and twist out the barrel.

Though by doing this it’ll render the original barrel useless.

Use araldite, you’ll be able to join the two pieces of the T’piece together with an even better seal.

Step 8. -Apply T’piece thread seal tape

Minimising airleaks is the goal here, the smallest of gaps can reduce the affect your blasters efficiency. The gap between the barrel and T’piece is a common place for leaks.

Use thread sealing tape to minimise the gap between Barrel and T’piece. Apply tape evenly and as close to the edge as possible.

Apply more Araldite to the end of the T’peice to seal off any air leaks.

Step 9. -Reassemble gearbox

Check three times, reassemble once! Leave no screw behind. Look back on previously taken photos to ensure absolute certainty.

Step 10. Reassemble blaster casing

A quick hack to installing the selector levers. Position the springs in the levers and use the plumbers tape to hold it in place as you position and screw in the selector lever. Simply tear it off after it’s screwed in.

Step 11. (Optional) -Applying thread seal tape for outer barrel purposes

Barrel rattle is a common problem with blasters and will change your gels accuracy.

Minimise this any way possible, so I used several even layers of thread sealing tape. Create a snug fit for any outer barrel fittings (suppressors, etc).

Step 12. Measure your gains!


And after!!!


Cheers for the tips @LuckyLiam ps. I have ordered all the gear to have my vector look the same as yours. HEAPS cheaper china direct rather than getting it from the local blaster shops. Only downside the postage wait.

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Hey at least it’s not Chinese new year anymore!

True. I noticed that alot of ebay sellers were “away” when i first started looking for blaster stuff a few weeks back