How was your day?

I had a terrible day… I decided to go for a drive to the ocean… then go for a nice walk down the beach… :+1:

Well, you wont believe it! I got stuck behind some pesky CYCLISTS!.. :flushed: :confounded:

I tried overtaking them, but no matter how I swung on the steering wheel… I just couldn’t get out from behind them… so I just had to sit there and follow them…very frustrating… DoH!!

Then, if that wasn’t bad enough, I finally got to the beach and feinted? Must have been the heart pulpitations after being forced… against my will… to have to follow those darned cyclebikers…

Anyway, evidently I passed out on the beach… but lucky enough, a couple of life guards were on duty and gave me mouth to… mouth… which saved me :astonished: :+1: :grin:

Anyway… I sure hope you had a better day than me :face_with_hand_over_mouth::grin:

Woops! I forgot the photos… below :smirk:


The horrible cyclists…

The lifeguards rescuing me…


I survived… luckily :grin:

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-simply speechless-
(And to think I actually felt sorry for you for a moment :sweat:)


No need to light a candle for me just yet… I think I will survive my ordeal :laughing:


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I did the same almost spared a moment to hope your ok then 5 seconds later those 5 seconds were to be viewed by psychiatrist they would have diagnosed me with m.p.d and bi polar coz my face went from sympathetic sad to a flash of frustration/ anger for almost ring tricked followed by LMFAO that hard I woke one of the kids up accidentally

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