HoWell X-1 Glock 17 Dive in

Been out a few months?
Plasticky but clever and looks the part. Needs Rustoleum. :sunglasses:

Inside look at end of 2nd video.

  • Looooong feed tube with no pre-charge. Easily remedied as mag is electric.
  • Mag capacity unknown. 25-30 maybe. That feed tube looks like it’ll take 14-15. WT😯?
  • Gears could be deagle but more likely G18/90TWO. Both readily available.
  • 1.1 spring? More possibilities.
  • Motor may be a 130/280. Reviewer has tiny mitts so not easy to gauge.
  • Long cylinder with short travel piston and eccentric nozzle. Can’t see the need or benefit from that brain fart. Again, deagle-like. Not a fan.
  • Custom t-piece-barrel. Sadly, the long cylinder leaves little room for what looks like a 3-4cm barrel. Potential to replace with a similar style deagle version and even add a hop up.
  • Screw on battery cover, like a real child’s toy. :rofl:

This blaster does have potential with spring change, improved seal etc… The motor will handle it but the gears… maybe.
Need to coat with rustoleum, or anything that contains the word ‘paint’ puhlease…

For me, it’s worth $50-60. Double that with changes mentioned.
Drum mag looks like it’s bundled in both videos. Not so locally?

What the****


Having seen the insides, that would be the same blaster with the piston cup removed.

Well whadaya know?
There are 2 models.
X1 regular and upsized X2s that come with drums.

Speaking of size, it’s not tiny revewer hands, these 'G17’s are not to scale but about 15% bigger!
More like deagle sized G17s and the pic above is more likely showing a 280 motor, a 4cm barrel and a feed tube that takes 17-18 gels to fill, with no pre-charge!
Add the long feed tube to the tube in the drum and it might take a quite a few shots before that first gel appears.

What the…:hushed::hushed:

This just gets weirder.
Might have to get one just cos it’s bizarre. :crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face: