How's the Beretta upgrade kit?

I know the metal barrel doesn’t make too much difference but does any of the other accessories make a difference?

Be keen to know, bought one of these for my kid, nice cheap pistol but performance is of course lacking, but better than it was in early models of AEG pistols.

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I have the g18 version.

If do it again

They’ll all make it a bit heavier.

Eh… Well, the suppressor looks nice at least. But I’m happy with the standard muzzle hop up look more. I also at least want it to fit in a holster than be a good paper weight. In saying that, the base weight out of the box M92 is already solid enough with the flashlight attachment.

The suppressor made for it is heavier than most and takes away the balance for no gain.
Threaded barrel makes it harder to attach and secure a useful hop up.
Only seen universal holsters and pouches so far.