HPA - Best options and general tips

Been noticing a lot more HPA stuff in CEH lately, however I’m really not that knowledgeable on the subject and have been really undecided whether or not to take the plunge. Everywhere has been slowly decreasing the price on the units too so I figure it’s only getting more financially viable for me. Speaking with the people at the Salisbury store, they have previously recommended the Polarstar F2 over the Jack, he explained why at the time, but it went straight over my head.

Just thought I would start a thread on here discussing the subject. What does everyone recommend, why do you recommend it, and where do you recommend getting it from?


bump, still trying to save, but not sure what to get yet…

You lost me at CEH :joy:


The advice I was given by hpa warehouse was if you are a beginner and doin it your self go for the Jack a lot easier to set u up and tune, if you have hpa knowledge or are prepared to p a y f or set up the f2 is the way to go


Do you know if there are any particularly good receivers to go with too?

O know the discord crew have allot of hpa knowledge and kit in their membership

Might be a better resource in this instance

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I’ve seen a hpa bing fen mp7. Worlds your oyster possibly, but I could be wrong and sometimes am :no_mouth:


Ain’t got the skills?
Wanna get more kills?
Better go HPA!
I gotta get more patches made😂