HPA mod for new gbb

Thoughts on this?

I think the little co2 canisters would end up getting expensive over time

Everything we do gets expensive over time…

Orders 5$ bit from web
Tear down, whoops spring
30$ replacement
I may as well…674$USD delivered…

I like the idea. My issue with cartridges isn’t cost, it’s reusability which is why I went internal mag gas cylinder.

Now that I know I have access to gas cartridge mags, if this becomes a thing here I’ll probably be all over that.

And a carbine kit for the pistol :sunglasses:

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Running a remote line to a tank would be a bit annoying. Would slow down mag swaps as you’d have to disconnect the air, or just keep reloading that mag

This would be awesome with a drum mag :drooling_face:

Yeh mag reloads would be a pain

There is reusable cartrige that u can fill your own gas, never used one tho


Did a little searching and they look good. One vid says you get about 2/3 the capacity of a normal 12g. Probably due to the volume consumed by the filler and outlet valves.

To make it worth while you’d need to be filling from a bulk tank rather than the small 88g ones. A bulk 2.6kg bottle is about $80-$100 and $20-$35 for a refill at any home brew shop.

Would just need the fittings and filler nozzle. Maybe even fill from 2.6kg to 88g bottles they you can take with you to games to fill from.

EDIT: the soda stream 400g co2 for $35 would be a cheaper way to get started. Not as cheap as the bulk tanks but still less than $1.70 per bulb

I’d you’re doing a lot of games then the outlay would be worth it.

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You can buy the bulbs cheaper than that :+1:


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Yeah bulk bulbs from there would make the soda stream ones not worth it. Would need to go the 2.6kg or 4kg to be cheaper on refills and you really need to do a lot of shooting.

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