Humorous Gel Blaster Occurences

Hi Ladies & Gentleman.

I really wanted to hear about humorous things that have happened to you whilst engaged in gel-soft activities. I reckon a look on the lighter side of the sport would be just the ticket!

When people don’t call their hits next time I see them I just unload straight into their face…

Just kidding…or am I?


Last week my son and I were having a home skirmish and I ‘accidentally’ shot him a couple of times in the nut sack from very close range! The sound he made which vaguely resembled a squealing, wheezing piglet was the funniest thing I have heard in a long, long time!


Was playing fortress and was in the fortress, peering out a little peek hole when an attacker came at me, I leaned out the corner and squeezed the trigger, when he screamed from a few gels to the lips I just put my hands up in surrender to check on him. He was ok just shocked. I then went back to position and guess who came at me again??
Well when I heard him yelling “ oh shit not again” I nearly wet myself.
I just called out “sorry mate” then tagged a few of his team mates! FAF!!


Had a mate bring his friend for his first ever game. He was so excited that he bought a new m4ss, tac belt, 40k gells and speed loader at the field.

First whistle of the first game of the day he trips over and keeps going for the next 3 hrs.

We found out later when he got some heat stroke that he broke his wrist.

Out to the hospital, x-ray, cast and back out there in a cast to play the next week :joy:


Playing a game at the local field, a mate was on the opposing team thinking he’s far enough away to not be in range starts waving to taunt me so I let a few bursts out in his direction. Next second he shits himself as the volley of gels hits the tin next to him. Never seen someone run back so quick


A couple of weeks ago I went on a Bunnings recce. When I got to the Bunnings genius at the front door I said “where can I find the Vernier calipers”? (For measuring my balls)!! He said very confidently “that’s a potplant right”? I replied without snorting derisively “no mate that is not a potplant”!!