I accidentally plug the motor in wrong

like an idiot i accidently got the positive and negative wrong… :hot_face:
and i pulled the trigger 4 times…
will this be enough to damage the motor = .=?

Would have probably just heated up the motor/battery but will be fine. The motor would have stalled against the anti reverse latch. You would smell it if you had let the smoke out.
I have done a similar thing when I dropped the motor from my sons j10 and the back came off. When I put it back together I put it on the wrong way around, 50:50 chance. This made the motor try and spin Backwards which is the same as putting the battery wires the wrong way around . I pulled the trigger more than 4 times before I realised what had happened. :roll_eyes:

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I remember some sage advice in another post on this forum. Your motor has a limited amount of smoke inside and once it comes out it’s very hard to get it back in. Pun intended. Sorry to the original writer for modifying your quote and forgetting your name.

here is something to take your mind off everything you just read.


could build one with the new minigun blaster O_o

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thanks man :smiley: feel a little bit better now
will put it back together tomorrow and test it

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In a rush to get my HE ACR which was only a back up blaster i put in a motor that i think i had originally installed incorrectly as i was bumbling my way upgrading my gen 8 box. Installing it was simple enough and when i plugged a battery in … boom bit of fire came out the battery. Took that battery out put another battery same thing fire arc so killed that battery too. Changed the motor and this time it didnt burn but im pretty sure i fried the mofset. Going to completely rewire without the mofset and put ina new motor and see if that fixes it.

In short i think that installing the motor incorrectly may cause damage to a motor .

hey @TerryB117…releasing the magic smoke is never an advantageous experience…

just going to drop this idea here for all…fuses…

but, its probably not the wiring on your motor that is the issue (even though that may indeed be wrong, can’t say)

if you’ve smoked your battery and your mosfet but haven’t pulled the trigger, you’re wiring your mosfet incorrectly or you’ve a short in your primary harness which is much more likely.

got pics? show us the carnage. :rofl:

oh…you have been lucky AF too not to smoke the battery into a thermal runaway fire…lucky AF