I am looking for my first gel Blaster

I am looking for my first gel blaster (i already have a G18 but i am looking for something bigger but not too expensive) and I am not sure what is a good starter. I don’t really like the look of the M4 models. I don’t know much about gel blasters. I tend to stick more to medium distance as much as i can. What are some good ones that i could get?

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I know you said your not an m4 fan, but for me, the wells m401 is a brilliant starting place, performs great off the shelf.


Do you have a budget in mind?

If you don’t want an M4 then the better SMGs are pretty much as good as a lot of the “longer” blasters (barrel length doesn’t make as much of a difference as the real ones). The MP7 is a great blaster, and the UMP is a Gen8 inside, so also a good blaster. Others who own these can give you some pointers if this is the way you want to go.

Then there’s the Jinming ACR, which is a personal favorite, but it’s a bit crude compared to more modern blasters. A good solid blaster though. You can get it for less than $200.

There are some nice AKs, but these are more expensive for the good ones. Again, others can recommend.

Also, check out some of the threads here about people’s experiences with sellers. There’s some that seem to target the new buyer with substandard parts for top dollar …

Thanks, just looked at the MP7 and it looks A) sexy B) perfect C) affordable

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One of my mates has one, it’s pretty scary to face up against at the rate it fires at!

cough,cough Gen8 cough*


SLR CQB, 11.1v out of the box, tactical edge sells it for 300 (i can get a 15% discount for you), solid nylon contruction, metal barrel, great feel and weight and MLOK rail system, lots of upgrades

(i have it with 13:1 gears and it shoots like a minigun)

A P90 or a Scar V2

Best bang for buck on a budget list would have to have JM AK74U J12 up there… great little starter. :+1:

isn’t there a issue where the blow back plate stop working after a little while tho?

Personal choice but not a fan of blowback blasters. If it causes problems disable it… simples. :blush:

Blowback is a feature that may add realism but contributes donuts to performance. The 74U is a solid performer ootb so any issues with blowback wouldn’t stop me buying it. Just my two cents… :+1:


Nylon Gen9

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