I have just bought the G296 CO2 revolver AMA

I have just bought the G296 CO2 revolver. I bought the 4 inch revolver (G296a), my brother has the 6 inch revolver (G296b) and a friend has the 8 inch revolver (G296c). Ask me any questions about these revolvers you have and I’ll try answer them as fast as I can.


Are they awesome? What size gels? Do the gells have to be hardened? How many shots to a canister? How much did it cost? Where can I get one? How much are the canisters and where from?

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  1. Yes they are pretty cool. I have run into some issues with them such as gas leaking and the hammer not being able to be pulled back. Although, I have been able to swap them around for a new one though.

  2. Milkies can be used they usually fit quite well into the cartridge once fully soaked. However, they aren’t super accurate in the 4 inch barrel. If you want the 4 inch, I would recommend some aka’s, they are a bit smaller and might fall out of the cartridge occasionally, but they shoot a lot further, faster and more accurately.

  3. I would recommend hardened gels. For the first few shots on a new canister, they can be shooting 500+ fps. So, it is best to used hardened gels.

  4. The fps is highest for the first 5-10 shots and shoots between 350-280 the more shots you shoot. The fps it optimal for around 50 shots before the gels start dropping.

  5. The 4 and 6 inch barrels go for $339.99 and the 8 inch is $349.99 I believe.

  6. I found them selling at Viper Customs (North Lakes) and M4A1 (Caloundra). I typically wouldn’t recommend shopping at either, but they were the only place I could find them. M4A1 doesn’t have it on their website I believe.

  7. The canisters vary in price (crosman 12g CO2). At M4A1 (where I bought it) they were $15 for 5, which is a bit of a scam and at Viper they were $15 for 10 which is a bit better. You can also find them online for cheaper if you buy in bulk.

Overall, it is pretty cool but wouldn’t be super practical for field days due to only having 6 shots. If you are really looking for a good quality gas blowback pistol, I would recommend getting “The Shark” (glock style with full auto mode) which Azreal’s should be releasing soon. I have had to take it back a few times, so ultimately if I were to have the option to buy again, I would probably have waited for something a bit cooler. If you desperately want a cool revolver, this is probably the best you will get for quite a while.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks for the information!
Yes I came to the same conclusion after doing further digging; to wait.
I will be spewing if any legislation that prevents me from getting one is created between now and the time a reliable high quality one comes out though.

Are they issues that can be fixed? I don’t mind working on them as long as there will be decent results.

I love these things lol I’m just looking for a glimmer of hope XD

for that price you’d think they’d be flawless… bloody hell!

Sorry for taking so long to see this, but there isn’t really anything you can do to fix it. There are no hopups for it, but you could theoretically put in a better/tighter barrel. I would recommend waiting for any of the new release gas-blowbacks coming out soon.

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I don’t mind the accuracy, I was more worried about the build quality issues?

I bought one and had it replaced twice before I got a refund :frowning:

Same. I’m thinking of returning mine in hopes of a refund and saving the cash for a better one in the future.

M4a1 were very good and replaced them and then refunded without a problem

Thanks for the info, I will try to get a refund when I am up at Caloundra next time.

At most, you could theoretically swap the grip for a custom made metal counterpart and cover the side of the revolver to stop gels falling out, but other than that, there isn’t much you can do. If you were dedicated enough, you could try to connect it to a HPA tank or make an automatic feeding system. I really think leaving it for another version is a good idea. There is a shipment on new gas powered glocks and 1911s coming from china really soon, so maybe look on azraels armoury or at tactical edge for a newer and better quality one (I don’t recommend CEH though as they are a garbage store with garbage employees and garbage quality custom blasters).


I put a tiny bit of silicone grease in each shell and this helps hold the gels in place

what did you think of the pistol over all?

For what it’s worth, they are pretty bad. There are soooooooo many better ones coming to the market very soon, so I really recommend waiting. I have tested a few and the feel of them are incredible in comparison to the g296 range with heaps better performance.

Thanks for the advice, I will test it out if I decide to keep it in the long run.

Did you end up keeping it I’m really confused weather to get one or not like do they preform or not ???

I have kept it, but mostly for the fun of it. It is truly awful in any competitive game. So, maybe look at investing in a new gbb pistol. The XTP performs very reliably, especially with a muzzletek hopup if I could recommend one.