I KNOW IM NOT THE ONLY ONE💌 (metal wells) 💌

Hey boys this is my first post that’s not a comment on another’s just finnally properly happy with my blasters, they are both full metal wells. this is a feed that says show us your “kits” not show us your collection, so I have a bunch of others but bugger that. nothing no one hasn’t really seen before lol. so anyway on that note here’s my “kit” yet to get a gas pistol tho all of them are constantly sold out on me, /if anyone has a decent one that they want to offload inbox me/ any way here are my full metal wells one for cqb and the other for everything else. lol they both have had there o rings done and been greased plus I covered half of the ported cylinder on the long one just with some electrical tape then lubed the inside surface till it no longer felt sticky. It’s a much better air seal for its size now and sounds like it too. I’ve got 1.3 springs in them both with them both also running 480 long “destruction of god” motors in them, the little one has higher torque and 19000 rpm whilst the big ones at 25000 with more speed. both preform surprisingly different for the same model in diffrent lengths now and they both have hop ups I bored out the arp9 dk hop up to fit on the cqb and the long one has a red metal riser I have replacement parts if a nozzle goes to shit or return spring ect but upon opening these up realised they where quite decent with the parts so I will just replace them to the better versions as they fail over time but on that note I have never had a jam (no shit although I am particular with my gels and dry them by towel lol) never had a hick up at all and have played 2, 3 hour game dames with them and can’t wait to play more not to mention I shoot them everyday out here on my property at the back of Currumbin. I will keep this feed updated with anything else I do to them AND PLEASE ANYONE WITH A METAL WELLS PLEASE DISPLAY YOURS HERE I KNOW IM NOT THE ONLY ONE…

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And sexy beasts they are mate, well done :+1:


Nice blasters :+1:

I highly recommend ditching the taped cylinder and fitting a 100% item. That tape won’t stand up to much use.

My two cents worth, electrical tape shouldn’t go anywhere inside a blaster. Doesn’t hold permanently and lets go to float around in your gearbox. It’s heatshrink or zilch for me, masking tape for barrel build up, etc. But then I have been known to be a bit OC about stuff like that. :rofl:

It’s not inside the cylinder bro that would be mental it’s just over the port on the outside it could never end up in there and nothing touches it I just made it not sticky for good mesure I understand what you mean but the way you discribed it sounds crazy I’m not crazy lol I’ve moded a lot of blasters bro you could realistically elictrical tape the entire outside of your gearbox like my mate has to stop any air leaking in there sorry I don’t have a photo next time I strip it I’ll show you what I mean I could put a %100 cylinder in it but I don’t really want to I want like an 80% cylinder and wells do not make those so to save me slicing my own one up I just did what I did it works fine and couldn’t come off and end up inside it I can see your concern but you’ll just have to trust me lol

I forgot to make that reply actually to you

I figured you’d be switched on enough to NOT use it on the inside of the cylinder.

Taping the outside of the gearbox is different… no moving parts. :+1:

It’s still dodgy on the outside though. Air pressure on compression is going to work at that tape. A nice blaster like that, it’s a shame to use electrical tape to close off the port. But it’s yours to do what you want with , man. :+1:

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Dude I know hahaha yea so the plan is
My mates getting a 100% cylinder next week in the mail in a wells upgrade pack for there cqb they got and I’m doing the upgrade and the cqb dosent need the 100% so I’m just gunna Grab that one off them and then get a grinder and slice some small ports on either side then sand until flush and use that, that’s all an eventual process however so this woill do for now I wish I was in grade 2 still and I could just lie and say ive got what I don’t have yet but I can’t :disappointed: you can’t see the tape when you draw back the primer but like you can with my mates over reaction to the idea

I did pimp my gearboxes while they where apart but lol

You can use a 80% gen9 cylinder and cut it down to the same size as a wells, that’s what I ended up doing as no one had wells stock at the time.

True I thought of doing this too however I realised that they are slightly thicker aswell than the gen 9 models and the plunger was a very tight fit I could just use a G9 plunger aswell but so yea makes sense appreciate the tip

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I got the aftermarket shs stainless ribbed cylinder, it’s thicker and more solid than the stock one



Kill Email?


Might extend that first L a bit …


Yeah… Fuck email right? :rofl::rofl:

Loving those rail covers… Gives me ideas, which ones are they? Link?
They look nice and wide and flat. Perfect for something I want to do. Haven’t been able to find them on AliExpress


Try eBay man I bout the last ones off the link I have but there are more on there just eBay rail covers

I love the new wells stuff, they’re my go to for affordable reliable full metal builds - very underrated and great value. I built mine from the wells metal receiver + metal mrt box at m4a1 which were $150 each. This was a fully built box with all metal internals and motor. Pretty much all set for shs gears though I did the usual radius, aoe and green oring.


So those Well metal reciever kits are basically the same as the MRT reveiver?
Cool build, btw…