I need ideas/your thoughts/input

debated for a little bit what section this should be in but this is a bit of an odd subject, little awhile now I have been working on making an Alpine white Vector(almost identical), painted everything but things really haven’t really gone my way with some parts and breakages and I’ve decided to ditch the project,

So I’m basically left with an ezyfet wired up to the gearbox, almost everything painted white that needs to be white AND I already have another vector that is my main vector (this was more a bookshelf project but was gonna be used occasionally)

so I’m asking the question to get my creative thoughts running, what would you do with it??

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With a white base, SciFi?

My original thought of go somewhat of camo colour of some sorts, so I’m not really fussed if my hardwork is stripped away XD

Wear is why I’ve yet to do it but I’ve a cqb kvv2 that I plan on doing orange/ white.

I figure in artificially sweat and clear coat.

Any paint job is subject to wear though

Could make it into something similar to the Asimov skins from CSGO, titan fall or district 9 with a bit of orange. I did this with my MA5.

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I’m with @zeHamish, sci-fi would be my suggestion. Maybe add some LEDs, electroluminescent wire, maybe some pew-pew noises haha.

I personally like paint jobs with black and another colour. Black and white, black and blue, black and red, black and gold… so many options.
I’ve always thought that a vector could be made into a badass sci-fi or steampunk style pistol when you removed the stock + barrel extensions.

I like to surf around on Google Images a lot haha. Just search something along these lines:
“modified kriss vector”
“custom kriss vector”
“kriss vector skin”

I also recommend looking on imfdb.org to find where the vector has appeared in popular culture, then looking those places up separately to see what the designers did for that game/movie. When I was painting my SCAR, I found the paint job from Kingsman: The Secret Service, which has a cool white and black theme.

Finding an outline picture of the vector, and using the fill bucket in Paint could also be of some use.

Maybe even paint a badass name for it on the side, something Borderlands-esque. A bit nerdy, but a reference to mathematical vectors, a quantity with a magnitude and direction, would be cool too (an arrow that says “direction” on it near the barrel, write “MAG-nitude” on the mag, idk.

My final suggestion would be to look at little things from video games e.g. CoD has dog tags and keyring style things that hang from the front or side of it.

Yes, I am childish. I think the whole gel blasting community can lose its sense of humour sometimes though, so I would say just go crazy and have fun with it.