Ics cnc v3 gearbox will it work?

Hey all
Just got a wholesale deal with retro arms and I just bought a V3 gearbox to test out. Has anyone ever worked on the ICS v3?

Going to try and install inside an LH AUG and see if it works

Will let you guys know when it arrives :wink:

Retroarms v3 will work in a lh aug, have handled one before. Does require a decent amount of fiddling to mount properly though, a bracket or 2 and a bolt through the shell.

Also, this one had a custom machined tpiece monstrosity, so I can’t say that the standard tpiece arrangement will or won’t work

Good work on the retroarms arrangement though, given the uncertainty around the current distributor for Australia, it’s good to know the parts will still flow

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Pony up a price

I have use for two so I’ll probably get three

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You might have better luck putting the V3 in an MP5

Which mp5 takes a v3?

Isn’t the LDT MP5 a V3?

Nah v2. Metal ones come with standard Ldx basic in them.

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LDT MP5s have a V2 box. There is an AS MP5K that takes a V3 box, not sure which brand it is though. They have an extended trigger.

@MASTR_BLASTR dude, can you source V3 motor cages? Even just plastic ones? They’re a pain in the arse to get hold of without going through AliX.

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Guys tell me all the parts you need okay and I’ll try my hardest to get everything

I deal directly with SHS in Hong Kong so I can also get v3 box and cage in the same alloy zinc as LDX BASIC!

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I’m sure there are plenty o guys out there that want more V3 stuff; cyl heads, nozzles, trigger blocks, fets, motor cages, gearbox shells etc. Everywhere you look it’s all V2.

Btw, I love your attitude and enthusiasm mate. It’s refreshing.


Be interested to know if you can fit this gearbox into a G36 or AKA AK.

Mr armoured heaven has a retro v3 in one of his ak’s, so that should be a good indicator

i need a bunch of those ponzi scheme gold bar tabs ($50 notes)

but :slight_smile: atm, would entertain some nice v3 boxes as i’ve too much hardware as it is

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If only they did a retroarms box that would fit the tar-21


Mate, if retroarms made a cnc milled V6 box I’m pretty sure @Arty_Marty would have an aneurysm. I know I would.


Can you all do me on what you guys would like to see and I’ll try and find more info

See if you can get super shooter stuff from SHS, it’s their premium brand and usually CNC made.


+1 for @blek because @blek is smart.


Thanks man at least someone thinks I am :sunglasses:

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