Ideal Aftermarket Mags for ACR J10

Hey guys, so I’d like to know of any mags that are best suited for the ACR J10. I’ve got my eye on a few products out there, will at least one of these fit the ACR J10 just fine?


2)COMP Mag

3)Kublai Nylon PMAG

4)Titan Nylon PMAG

The J9 introduced a narrower channel at the rear of the magwell, which carried over to the J10.

Gen 8 mags won’t fit without modification, so that rules out the LDT (pictured left). Can’t speak for the others you’ve listed.

No mod options are (L-R) Short STANAG, Short PMAG, J10 PMAG (duh!), J9 STANAG, Drum

I really like the J10 mag - curious as to why you’re chasing alternatives.


Been running the stock J10 mag, and it doesn’t cycle as reliably as I wanted it too. Seems to shoot only 1/3 of the trigger pulls. I’ll try my luck with J9 and Kublai mags then!

The J9 Stanag pictured above works 100% in my mates ACR and fits better than the original.


magpul is the bomb man :ok_hand:
love their designs

open it up and check if there are dried up little gel inside jamming the gear and feeding wheel.
i had that issue when i got mine second hand, after i cleaned it out it’s been feeding fine.

also when it fail to fire, it might not always be an mag issue,
could be jamming gels, or other issue

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btw, do you have some photo of either m4a1 or acr with the short pmag?
wanted to get one but no sure if it will suit the look i want,
got the short stanag, but that didn’t really look how i hoped :frowning:

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Edit : other way round .

Ive heard they put a slower mag motor in the j10s than j9 or j8s


that looks perfect!
thanks man :smiley: :+1:

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The original JinMing Gen 8 pmag (that came with the Gen 8 blasters) also works nicely in mine:

Gen8 mag is black, ACR mag is tan. I agree the Gen9 mag fits better, but my Gen8 mag certainly does work.


Unfortunately the Cyma (and I believe the Kublai) mags won’t latch in the JM blasters, the notch in the side of the mag is lower on the casing:


Black Cyma mag held on top of Tan ACR mag.


I’ve tried my friend’s Gen8 mag too, it’s a tight fit but it feeds much better than the stock Gen10 mag.

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I guess it’s worth it to change up the motors then, will post my results here.

By the way, those safety, charging handle, bolt release etc sand colors are stock?

I’m trying to find the sand color buttons like on your stock. The folding stock button and extension button there. Since my ACR is tan color.

EBay, replacement metal parts.

Yeah its and odd colour seeing as though its a black blaster but yes they are as they come stock.
Havent seen replacements for them ,
Might be easier to find someone with a black acr and swap parts.

It’s the reverse with my Tan color ACR. I’d really like to replace all the black parts with tan color ones too.

These I already have, what I meant was the pieces on the stock.

Oh well paint :+1:


I got the tan J10 at launch, and I like the black parts on it. When they released the black blasters with tan “highlights”, not so much.

Finally pulled the trigger on a black one last week and it’s arrived fully blacked out, so I’m both surprised and happy.