Ideal Aftermarket Mags for ACR J10

Yeah just googled some and looks better blacked out. Damn.

Can only see them at armoured heaven.

Anyone in perth want to swap some tan acr bits for your black acr bits lol?

I got mine from Zhenduo - though their site shows two-tone.

Anyone know if this is like a v2 of the acr?
Any other changes you guys know of?

The internal seals don’t suck as bad as the original run, there aren’t as many loose parts, and the flash hider (for the black one at least) is red now.

By the way, have you spotted any replacement parts for the built-in ‘iron’ rights?

Nah , I ended up just taking the back one off and just keep the front one folded down. Looked worse removing it i think.

Just got a set of $10 ones with a recent bulk order to see what theyre like and maybe put on the acr. They just pop on and off as in no bolts , and you get what you pay for I spose , but that said theyre decent looking and way better than the stock ones. I had an awesome set of Worker ones on a nerf blaster a while ago Id get again.

Hey just wondering if the acr j10 has any glow mags yet

I think the only option for glow mags at the moment is filing out the channel in the back of the magwell so it will work with LDT glow mags?

I went with a mock silencer with an Acetech unit inside it.

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