Ideal C rating for battery that's kind to your gearbox

Looking at various aftermarket batteries.

I’m currently using nanotech 11.1v 25-50c packs and was wondering is the 15-25c versions would be kinder to the (metal) gearbox. 25-50c seems to jolt the motor and the crappy Chinese checkered 11.1v batteries seem gentler.

I want reliability (and fewer repairs) rather than insane power…I’m running 1.3mm spring with blue chi motor.


What batteries and C ratings do you use?

Creating is a measure of amp out and in that won’t damage the battery chemistry.

In order to select the right C rating battery, you need to know peak current draw of your motor

Search C rating in the forum. I’ve a more wordy description

Having a crazy high C rating battery does not affect your box or motor in any other way than giving it all and only the power it needs. It is also a waste of cash

To low and you damage the battery


the C of the battery is merely the maximum rated current the battery itself will handle before going into thermal runaway.
The maximum current is a function of C times mAh. If a battery is 20C and 2000mAh it has a maximum current of 40000mA (40Amps)
the C rating really has nothing to do with the current draw of your blaster. the load determines the current and the battery just provides what the load asks for. until that point that it exceeds what the battery can deliver… given most average gel blasters draw around 6A ~ 13A that point is rarely reached.

also. crappy chequered batteries generally lie on their specs anyway so the whole C rating thing is bunk


I had this arg… er, discussion with the guy in a local blaster shop… I mentioned I had heli and boat batteries up to 65C and he thought that meant that the battery would try and pump 65C’s into the poor motor…

I tried to explain to him that, just because the battery can (theoretically) supply a 65C rating, it will only depend on what the motor ASKS for…as Guido said.

So, a C rating much higher than the motor requires = good. Having a battery with the C rating smaller than the motor demands = fire, destruction… melted things, much swearing. With a decent motor and a high C battery, better wires and connectors are a great idea (necessity) = excellent

A good explanation is think of the battery as a bucket of water with a lid and a 5mm hole for the 5mm aquarium hose. You can use any size hose, but only what can fit thru the 5mm hole (the C rating) can flow. you have a piece of 1" hose connected over the 5mm hole… still only so much water (not much) can get into the 1" hose when syphoning the water… it will take hours to syphon out the water… this is like a low C rating.

So, you get a mofo big 1" outlet hole in the lid… and a 1" hose … it syphons the water out in about 3 seconds flat… that is like a high C rating battery. The bucket (battery) has the same amount of water (electrickery) in it, but the higher C rating (bigger outlet hole), the easier/faster the water/electrickery can come out of the bucket/battery…

The wire size thingy, well that is like if you plug a big bad pump (water blaster) water inlet hose onto your bucket of water… if you connect it with a 5mm fish tank hose, the water blaster will instantly suck the small hose flat and it wont get any water… that is like a big gel blaster motor (and mag motor) trying to suck all of that power out of the battery thru little thin wires.

With the same bucket and you Karcher waterblaster and a mofo big 1" hose… the water blaster can suck the bucket dry in about .76786 of a second… but no damage… that is like a high C rating battery thru decent size wires… it all has to matching… the battery needs to have more C rating than the motor can ever call for, the wire has to be able to carry the amperage without glowing like a toaster wire… then all is at peace in the universe

Yes Guido… the ching chong checker batteries you can really halve the capacity, halve the C rating, 1/4 the amount of recharge life… The good ol’ boys in China test their batteries and find that if… Jupiter, the moon, the sun and uranus all line up… the battery has just come off a charger (overcharge) in a vacuum, at sea level… may have once spiked to 40C (once, when the wires shorted) … so, therefor the battery is obviously a 40-45C rated battery … so, they round it up to 50C. Even though, it is really struggling to be a 20C run continuously :roll_eyes:

So, we believe them, buy the battery… ripped off again when the battery goes into ‘puff-A-matic’ by about the 3rd use…:frowning_face:

Sorry for the waffle… I’m in one of those moods :nerd_face:



Thankfully I like reading lol
The c ratings mean this.
25 to 50c = 25 x batty. Cap. Continuously and 50c for 10sec bursts.
But you are spot on, its mostly Bull sheet !
Also a higher quality higher c battery can make the motor spin faster since it will hold a higher voltage under load

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Man, that was a novel! Sorry about that… however, I edited the 4th paragraph to try and differentiate between the effect of the ‘outlet hole size’ and the wire/hose size… the outlet hole size is like the C ‘ability’ … so you cant get a 20C battery and solder on huge wires…hoping the battery will somehow increase its C ability… it will be like trying to suck a golf ball up a garden hose…

Does it make sense to you Rattler?

Yes it does, I am an electronics nerd and I am always trying to explain how electrickery works lol

Here is a mind fook for ya.

The guy in the shop you spoke to was wrong but also correct, let me explain…

You could infact have a 65c battery feed 65c into your blaster …
If there is a short or the gearbox jams a crappy 2s lipo will just crap out and not cause to much damage but now put a 65c 3s lipo in that scenario and boom box time !
Gear stripping wild fire meltdown

That’s why I run fuses :grin:

I watched one of Guido’s videos the other night… learned alot from him… even tho it is like pulling teeth :grimacing: … I keep shouting “Talk faster FFS!!” :joy:

He did something to a gearbox, to test it, he plugged in a 3S LiPo… then picked it up… the mag wires dangled… I was waiting for flames… but somehow the magazine springs didn’t touch :sweat_smile:

Probably need a few more volts to get him to talk faster? (say 240v?)

I like destroying dead LiPo’s… at least if they fail… it is entertaining to get them to burn :relaxed: very therapeutic… Shooting them with a slug gun is good… I shot one with my gl0ck at the range… was great, but couldn’t find the battery… it went miles… DoH!! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Lmao I know what you mean but props to him his vids help a lot of people starting out :+1:
When flying fpv racing we quite often have props cut the battery and I have to take off running to try and save my quad from going up in flames with the Lipo :joy:

“electrickery” = Catweazle LMAO!

Sorry for the divergence…


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Sa sa get the telling bone lol

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Hahaa! Geez were old LOL


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1966 only just over my second 21st lol

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We have 2 children - 25 and 28.
21st’s!!! Thank god they are over lol

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Lol 19 and 27 for me plus a grand daughter due any day now

Drones are good… this guy cant fly very well tho… he is just trying to fly straight and level, so I am told??

Got a huge battery under it… real high C rating


This is the stuff I like doing most

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Havent had that experience yet…yet.

Cheers for all the info re the blasters.
I know nothin’ of electrickery!

“although I do know of a machine that goes ping!”


BIG battery, how much flight time would that give you?

Drones are another of my hobbies too.

Although I am not a freestyler (you guys are nuts!)

I have 2 Parrot Bebop 2’s (FPV)
I also have a GoPro Karma (great camera platform)

Blasters are absorbing all my children’s inheritance at the moment !

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That mega drone is not me, just a video I found on the intertubes

I think that battery gives him 5 or 6 minutes… usually the length of his videos… those 4 motors suck the juice… I am pretty sure that is a real 65C (probably peak at 80C)

the big 12S helicopters use huge C batteries too… this guy seems to have ‘issues’ flying straight and level as well? I mean… Pfffttt he cant even just hover it right way up? Lacking skill for sure… :rofl:

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