Ideas on getting ABF/customs to release goods?

Of all the things to get stuck in customs / ABF

So apparently they are holding my sight I ordered as I don’t have the correct import paperwork.

Any experience on dealing with this?

It’s one of these, which was the most “science fiction” looking things I could find…

I do.
They will be after the full commercial invoice copy showing the price and deccription and a picture or web site link showing the full description .
I suggest you show them a link or photo from an Australian web site showing its for gel blaster use.
But be prepared to wait as they do nothing quickly :slightly_frowning_face:


Also customs may not have even looked at the invoice or opened the package to inspect it yet, they just randomly pull shit because the description says sight and that got flagged

This has happened to me many times.
I import a lot of archery gear and I bought a hand made long bow from the US but I also ordered a set of string silencers which are nothing but furry puff balls, but the word silencer got flagged and 10 emails later and 3 weeks I finally got the package unopened or inspected

I’m thinking of telling them the honest that it’s for a science fiction themed prop. Which it is.
I’m going for this look


They haven’t contacted me yet, it just says that in the shipping notes on DHL tracking (edit: actually UPS)

How did you find out that yours was stopped? Did they contact you or did you have to chase them up?

It probably had “for ■■■■■■■” written on shipping note.
I’ll tell shipper to just write “parts for toys” next time

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You need to contact DHL and they will be the go between.
Yes definitely tell the honest truth


Oh btw that is a super cool toy !


Thanks, that does look cool eh? That one is not my work but it will be similar.

Oh I meant UPS not DHL… Which makes it even more fun. UPS are bloddy amazing at delivering something from the USA to here in 3 days.
But if you’ve ever tried contacting UPS… I’d rather be kicked in the goolies by an angry horse…

Lol good luck and protect those goolies :+1:

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I find it surprising they stopped that, until you get a notice saying it’s been held up , I’d say your safe.

Although being addressed from Evike maybe sent red flags? I have purchase inner and outer barrel for ■■■■■■■ years ago and never had issues. Being a sight of all things, they actually state that you DO NOT require an import permit for this. Unless they think it’s night vision or some shit, I think that’s banned.

Yeah I don’t know… I think it will turn up. It looks like it wanted to go on a round the world holiday while it was making its way here:

Los Angeles
Melbourne (cleared customs)
Melbourne (now needs import paperwork) WTF?
Sydney (back in Australia again!)
… Where next I wonder?

I’d make one of those maps of the world for you all with the pins in it where you wrap some red wool around them like in the movies, but I don’t have that much wool… :joy:

Maybe glue yourself to a road in Brisbane? It seems protesters are allowed to do that these days?

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If I had a dollar for everytime. Would cover buying a bottle of jack lol. And also I’ve heard evike are in the redzone so they must have had alot of prohibited packages stopped overtime. Alot comes down to what’s written or how it’s presented

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Wtf did Melbourne get the package or was it just the shipping details they received

who knows… anyway, it’s made it from sydney to Melbourne again.

A few years ago I ordered 2x Google Home devices from B&H photo. This was a year and a half before they were released in Australia. They left from the same warehouse on the same day, about an hour apart.
One went warehouse -> LA -> Sydney -> Melb -> My house in less than a week.
The other one went warehouse -> LA -> on trucks and trains from one side of the states to the other -> Back to LA by plane -> Hawaii -> Sydney -> Melbourne -> My house. It took about 7 weeks

I’d check every day to see where it would end up next. Hilarious.


Looks like it’s arriving today! Awesome!

Wooohooo its clobbering time lol

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Unless I get an empty box with a post-it note saying



Nah stay positive bro, it will be in your hands shortly :pray: