Idiot in townsville

Just watching the news and see a 42 year old sitting in front yard shooting passing cars with his gel blaster.
This is what’s going to screw it for all of us


Put him in jail for two or three years for assault with an unregistered firearm.
The problem will quickly solve itself.
Other idiots will get the message.

Gel blasters are toys. Until you pretend it’s a firearm. Then THAT PARTICULAR gel blaster becomes a firearm, and you do the time.

No further regulation on gel blasters are needed.

This is a perfect opportunity for the gel blaster community to stand up, go public, and tell the police to throw the book at this idiot. Make an example out of the idiot, not the community. Show the public that we don’t tolerate idiots.


Got a video? Stupid ass.

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Meth doesn’t help either, fuckin world has gone mad :exploding_head:


The media would have lapped that up.


You don’t ban kitchen knives and there have been several domestic stabbings lately.
In those crimes, some fatal, it’s clearly the behaviour and action and not what was used.

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