Imax B6AC Balance charger

Hi Guys,
I’ve been using Turnigy 3 cell batteries for a short time now so thought I should diss my old charger and up grade to the B6AC proper balance charger. Well it’s not exactly just plug in and charge. Sometimes new gadgets give you too many options.
What parameters do you guys put in? I selected 3 cell, balance charge and 2 amps. I’m not sure what amp I should be charging at, it’s default was 6 amp which seemed high. I always thought it was 1 amp per 1000 mah. Although on the battery it says max 5C what ever that means?
My other question is looking at the instruction manual it has the usual 3 cell charging wire coming off the battery going into the balance socket and the output battery wire being plugged in as well, is this correct. I plug both wires coming off the battery into the charger?
This kinda sux since it doesn’t come with a Mini-Tamiya connector.

i have been using a b6ac for years now. its a reasonable entry level charger

i really only ever feed my batteries 1A and only to 95% charge (4.15v)

i will sometimes bump it up to 2.5A if i’m in a rush and there are 3 or more batteries on the para board

i have had high current lipos last 3-4 years before i couldn’t use them for their core purpose.

a year and a bit on they are still in use as phone chargers and camp lighting batteries.

take away is: be patient and kind to your batteries and they will last allot longer for allot longer

and yes, you need to connect both headers - the b6 will whinge at you if you don’t

Yes you need both leads because when only using the balance lead you can only charge at very low rate.
A universal recommendation is 1c charge rate which on a 1200mah battery is 1.2 amps.
5c max charge rate on a 1200mah battery would be 6amps but personally I would not do that, the maximum I ever use is 2c if I am in a hurry :+1:

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Thanks, great so I am going to need a male mini Tamiya plug to go into the battery and a female T piece to connect to the charger output wires, is this correct? Ill attacah a pic. I had to delete my last post because my cat sat on the keyboard and even managed to post. Here is a pic of the two connections, is there an adapter?

You could just change the battery connectors to deans .
I am sure they make an adaptor or you could just make one.
If you have a lead with the red jst connector and cut the plastic back it might fit it idk.

Lol damn cats they are allways in you way :blush:

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I just did s search and the adaptors are easy to find :+1:

I only use my 2 imax B6 chargers and am very happy with them. I also have a Chinese knock off, but it is still in its box. I raided ebay and bought a bunch of cables to adapt everything

I also bought a bunch of adapters for batteries… deans to JST and vice versa, deans to XT30/60/90, Tamiya, the blue and the red pin plugs… I can just about charge anything.

I also got extension cables for the balance charging… so the battery can be away from the charger on a brick.

When I dispose of batteries, I always keep the wire and plug, which I make my own adapters too… waste not, want not.

I use the C rating as the guide for charging amps… if it is a 25C rated battery, you can feed it 2.5 amps… if it is a 30C battery, you can charge up to 3 amps… I always use less, so my B6’s are usually on about 1.5 amp

The best thing about the B6 is if you have the battery type or something else wrong, it will beep at you and just wont do it until you get it all correct… Very helpful for dummies like me :grin::rofl:

I wouldnt use that above method at all. What if you have 800mah 30c battery? Are you going to charge that at 3amps. Good luck. Just becareful who you take your advice from and always do your own research

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Agreed, do not use that method unless you like fireworks or puffed packs :partying_face:

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Yep and filling out insurance claims forms for burning down your car house or shed. I love when people give advice to people on a subject they dont know much about, espeacially when it can be very dangerous outcomes.

I also absolutely hate those 8in1 leads and I will not use balance lead extensions !
They are a bomb waiting to go off.
My mate burnt his 4wd to the ground using one of those octopus leads.
If you care about your batteries and safety make or buy good quality leads for each type of connector and keep them as short as possible :+1:

The ends of the 8 in ones are live while charging arent they… awesome. 2 bits of dangerous advice there.

They are but they are mostly protected to some degree, but I personally wouldn’t touch one !

My wife gets scared now anytime I bring out a battery after my last attempt of changing terminals on a lipo. Silly me just got some pliers and cut both terminals at the same time, it was like a flair going off in my face, burnt table, 4 burnt spots on the polished floor boards and a burnt screen when I finally managed to get near the sink. I have utmost respect now for these lipos now, that is why I bought the B6AC.

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Not to mention I burnt my finger prints off so I couldn’t even turn my phone on.

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Hmmmm :grimacing:

Ok look, I am going to be hated here for saying this but…
Personally I wouldn’t reccomend a B6AC charger full stop !
I have use lipos weekly since the first ever Lipo was available for rc use and have seen and used every type and brand of charger made, I have never puffed a single Lipo ever.
But I have seen thousands of puffed and burned lipos from misuse.
Nearly every single person I have ever seen using those chargers genuine or not has puffed lipos !
I use mostly 100c to 120c lipo’s and charge and discharge at massive rate but never a puffed battery even after hundreds of cycles :+1:
My lipos and safety is of the highest importance to me so spending and extra $200 for years of reliable safe use is worth every penny.

One more thing since I am on a roll :joy:
If your Lipo is puffed even a little bit…
It’s not getting close to the end ! It is knackered! Get rid of it before it burns your house down

@Rattler while you are rolling, have you herd of LiFePO4 batteries? These are suppose to have the super powers of lipos without the risk of fire or explosion?

I use my B6’s and the adapter leads to charge batteries for planes, helicopters, buggies, monster trucks, boats, cameras, power tools, lead acid car batteries and sealed gel motorbike batteries…

People can buy what they want, I am very happy with my B6. Those multi cables are provided with a rubber cover for the exposed deans male connector… if that is left off or lost, the multi cable could potentially be at risk of shorting… so, don’t leave off the rubber cover and all is well. It doesn’t matter what charger the multi cable is connected to, if the rubber cap is left off, they all could cause a fire.

I find it amusing that the OP started a thread on the B6 charger and most people have just shot them down in flames and recommended he buys something else… well done.

The Chinese knock offs have been known to expire due to lousy quality, it is easy to tell the copies from the real ones… the genuine ones are in a white box and the vents on the bottom are open to allow airflow, have the correct holographic sticker and come with power supply…

All of the knockoffs I have seen (including mine) are in a black box with no power cord or power supply, a tiny holograph sticker and the vents are punched, but have no open section for ventilation.

I have found from my own experience, that the battery quality (or lack of) is more likely to cause puffing, than which good quality charger is used. I like the B6 for its simplicity and the fact that if you try to charge a LiPo, but tell the B6 it is a LiOn… it just wont charge. It wont let you do the wrong thing. I find this a good safety feature.

Wherever one chooses to charge LiPo’s needs to be in a place where a fire is not going to ignite a house, the only live plug to worry about is the male deans, so part of one’s regime of charging is to make sure that the cover is on and there is no conductors nearby to create a short… and removing wires off unserviceable batteries needs to be done carefully and one wire at a time.

I like to dispose of my old batteries by burning them down the back in the fire pit… I watch them burn there, rather than risk them spontaneously catching fire in the garbage truck or at the transfer station…

It is fun to watch them burn in the correct place… not so on the kitchen bench :grimacing:

I would still rather buy three genuine B6 chargers for $210… instead of buying one other supposedly better charger for $210

As I say… each to their own:sunglasses: