Improvement to my gen9 M1A1 and new ACR change over

Have purchased a new Black ACR gen10 and swapped over parts with my older Tan ACR and I like the new look.Have swapped parts around from my AWM sniper rifle with my gen9 M4A1 for a bad ass look and reduced the length of my AUG again.Have cut the internal barrel length by 12cm allowing the standard ported cylinder to do its job proficiently the volume of air available in the cylinder is now greater than the volume of air within the internal barrel. WOW is the new word for my AUG. Also have been tinkering with the HK416 v3.hope you enjoy the pics.20200519_000153-1|212x500


They look great!

I really like the ACR merger you have done, brilliant idea.

Have fun.

Nice mate :+1:
Looks awesome

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That HK416 looks fuckin choice with the double drum and the offset iron sights. Nice styling mate, good work.
Just a quick question, does that double drum hold a lot of gels? I’ve got a single on my Gen8 and was a little disappointed when I opened it up to find half of the possible space within is taken up by the mag motor, wheel and funnel. Still holds a shitload more than a normal mag but I wish it was more. I’d have to assume that the double drum holds a fair bit but, you know what they say about assumptions…

Awesome, Thanks bud. I’m definitely going to get me one of those.