Improvised Ammo Ideas

Hello everyone, I’m starting this topic to further try and develop better ammo for us enthusiast’s , Gels are great, But as we all know they don’t hold up to well when trying to achieve 300-400 Fps.

So besides the usual gel balls has anyone tried anything else, Like wax pellets or anything else that’s not going to damage ya barrel or jam up in it.

Why cant some manufacturer make some paper pellets we could run.
Anyhow any ideas would be grateful, Thankyou.

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Plastic pellets? You mean bb’s and that would make them technically an air soft gun which is illegal.
Maybe smaller gels say 6mm and tighter barrels would be something to toy with. Similar size to a bb but still not a hard projectile?


My position is pretty simple

The mafia are already trying to to shut us down so don’t inflame them


Make people cry just isn’t worth dealing with the whinging about having made them cry

Just smaxx of effort


No I DO NOT mean plastic pellets, (technically that would be Frangible Type ammo).
Just so everyone understands that a “Frangible type ammo disintegrates on impact” , So plastic pellets is out of the question.
I had an idea of the old days using “spit ball pens in class” :fu:
("Spitball Pen ",Small chewed up piece of paper into a ball and put in a bic pen and blow like blow dart at intended teacher)
They were paper mache pellets.
Paper mache balls or compressed paper ammo would hold up way better and heavier, Now just how to do that would ba a challenge , Any ideas peeps ?

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I was just wandering the other day if you could get dehydrated large gel balls around the 7mm mark. There are some palm sized gel balls out there.

All good, it did say plastic pellets right, did you change it to paper or did I read it wrong🤙🏼

Yer, that was a typo, I ment paper.

Hmm, maybe fine saw dust compressed with a water based binder that is biodegradable.
I’m really keen on developing Gel Ball Ammo that preforms well in all major brand blasters and also get the distance & accuracy in the gelblaster sniper rifles .
There’s no point even having a sniper blaster if you cant take out a target without running up on him/her.
I noticed the weight of airsoft pellets go from 0.2gm up to 0.45.

Iv weighed the gold pack milkies and they all average around 0.21g witch is really close to airsoft pellet weight.

And 2 milkies weighed together around 0.41g.

A ball or pellet that is Frangible, Biodegradable, Non-abrasive, Non-toxic.

Gel blasters haven’t been around long at all and ever since there release there has only been the average gell balls.
Iv sent a couple of emails to companys that make the gell balls to see if they could tell me anything about the prosses of making the balls and what prosses is used to harden gell balls on the production line.
Either they have ignored me for what ever reason, Or they don’t understand English and cant reply.
Eitherway im gona push on.
Gel blasters are hear to stay, And demand for a better gels/ammo is increasingly high and will only gain more popularty.

Please Don’t Post stupid ass ammo ideas that no one gives a shit about, Or is dangerous or illegal, It only takes one bad apple to ruin the basket.

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Curious to see any outcome here

I tried 8mm and 7mm glass balls only prob is mag motor was jamming after first burst fire. so one day if cbf I’ll work out a better angle

Seems like glass would be too heavy. Try find something that remains in the 0.2g region but does not deform easily.

I am pretty damn confident we will get some gels that are perfect for shooting higher velocities one day. Still early.

Thankyou Rokz, That’s how I see it aswell, Early days still, And a brand new market id love to get into, Soo loots and lottsss of testing.

I didn’t have any issues with the weight and they were coming out a JM scarv2

Going into the workshop to work on blasters tomorrow. Ill pull a mag apart and see if i can make a new feeding wheel that could work

Oh true what time you doing bro

good idea mate, the feeder could have slightly longer teethe on the pick up cog thingo.

Will get back to you on that note tomorrow night as will be catching up with a mate (gbf member) and have a crack at it see if we can figure something out

Hey All,
Just a thought; would rubber balls work at all? I know you can get rubber balls for the shell ejecting Kar 98…

Give these a shot

AU $6.67 6%OFF | 900ball/30loaf 6mm Air soft rubber bb gun bullets.(not hard plastic) airsoft pistol for bb sniper gun shot paintballs

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I have the m24 mag feeding 6.7_6.2mm balls. And a tightbore barrel which i sealed with a dab of flexible glue in the t piece to stop them rolling out the end of the barrel. Good punch. Just need to see if i can swap the wheel out of an m24 mag and put it in a m4 mag.