In-built low voltage protector?

Hey all, so this is my first blaster, just got it today.

Before using it I did a bit of reading on the battery side of things and realised it was a little more involved than I had thought.

My main concern was the fact that LiPo batteries can be damaged if they are over-discharged. How are we supposed to know how much battery power is left when we’re using it? when we’re done, how are we supposed to know if we’ve discharged to a safe level?

This review claims that the ARP9 does have in-built low voltage protection, but I cannot find anywhere else supporting that claim?

Is it safe to use the stock battery or should I wait until I can get a turnigy?

I had no idea these LiPo batteries could be this dangerous and some people going so far as to store them in fire-proof bags etc? is that common? how many of you guys do that?

I went and bought a SkyMax B6 LiPo charger to help with the charging and safely discharging side of things, but I’m still not confident and will probably get a bag too. It’s a shame this battery tech is so volatile, was hoping to just unpack the blaster, make some gels, charge the battery and start using.

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Grab a bag because they are dangerous

I use a device to check the voltage of batteries after use

I think in built low voltage protection is achieved with a mosfet, but others will have more of an idea than me.

I use a Lipo safe bag for storage, but especially use it when charging


And yes, it’s safe to use stock battery

If you hear a change in your rof then that’s a good sign to recharge


The best way is to know how many mags you get from the battery until it reaches 3.5v per cell, put a fresh battery in and keep note of the number of mags used and after 4 mags use a tester like @BlasterGuy showed to test it and when it reaches 3.5v per cell change the battery and allways change if after the same amount of mags or less.
Most damage comes from …
Taking the voltage too low
Cheap chargers
Leaving the battery full in storage
Too much draw on the battery getting them hot


Thanks to everyone for their tips. I’ve bought a LiPo bag from ebay now.

Is there any possibility of using a less volatile battery instead of a LiPo?

Wish I had gone with a springer after all this! feels like I’ve got a bomb attached to my blaster that could go off at any minute…

The li-ion batteries are much safer but also are larger, I use them in the blasters that have the room for them

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Don’t be too alarmed by Lipos, They have been used for many years and they are a great battery if treated with respect.
I personally have used Lipos for decades and never had a single dangerous situation.
But I have seen many and every one was because of user error.


I admit I don’t use a bag, but have seen first hand what happens when they go…
Don’t have the video of the fire, but here is a Lipo bag…