Inaccuracy issues

Hey fellas,
This is my first post here so if I make any technical mistakes, or I post to the wrong board let me know. I’ve recently acquired a lh vector, and it’s been a lot of fun to play with over the past week. However I put a 1.3 spring in it and it’s suddenly become a lot more inaccurate than it was before. It wasn’t all that accurate to begin with bit now I can barely hit a m^2 target at 10m. The gels just veer off in any direction after 5-8m. Does anyone know any solutions to this.

Welcome! Don’t worry about any goofs, I’m sure I’ve made dozens by now and haven’t been lynched yet :wink:

Regarding the sudden inaccuracy, it will most likely be due to the extra power (fps) the gel is now subject to…
More fps generally means you can achieve more distance but there will usually be a tradeoff in accuracy as a result :frowning_face:
Edit: That and the stock clear barrels flex inside the blaster changing your gel trajectory slightly so metal barrel with higher powered springs would be ideal…

If you definitely want to keep the 1.3 spring, you can use a hopup (if you havent already) which will give your gels a consistent backspin so they generally fly in the same direction rather than spin/fly any which way after exiting an unrifled barrel…

Note: Read up about the magnus effect if you’re interested in why spinning the gel determines its flight path :wink:

You can also try lengthening the barrel which will reduce the fps by a smidge (extra friction ‘n’ all)
Other than that, reducing spring to 1.2 might help in finding that sweet spot between power and accuracy…

Hope this is somewhat helpful (it is 4am and I did just wake up so I’m answering with a foggy brain and 1 eye open :stuck_out_tongue:)


XTOPC is right and whilst there are a myriad of other factors his is where you should start.

i have a JJ SLR which is an internal beast but presently has a 1.4 in it and couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn.

with the 1.25 it is laser accurate.

a note on hopups: they are not all created equally and i’ve had a significantly longer list of duds than i have had wins.

presently in my win list is a hsg, a full metal from gbm and a panthur

there are no end of threads here regarding hopups and if you’re not already over that it will serve you well in selecting a good one.

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Try one of those blue anodized aluminium ones.
I tried one out on a blaster with over 300fps and it was as accurate as it used to be at 200fps.
Very impressed and not much more money than a 3d printed one.