Increase spring strength in P1 mag?

Hey guys,

Think my P1 mag spring is quite weak as my GBB sometimes doesn’t like locking the slide back when the mag is empty of gels.

This happens on and off when firing and when manually pulling the slide back (roughly 50% of the time)

I suspect it’s the little notch on the mag not being pushed up hard enough by the mag spring causing the slide to not lock back.
Any ideas?

i saw RPM promote a 3dp insert.

i did something similar with some cardboard for sNg

card isn’t the best material for the task.

you could order AS mag springs. they are stiffer

Thanks zeHamish!

What cardboard did you use?
And what site would you recommend for these mag springs you speak of?

literally just something i cut off a box over there

I was thinking of trying Marsh Springs at Carole Park to see if they could add a coil or 2. Thoughts?

Might be a little firmer

Just had a thought, what if you cut out a bit of soft plastic, or even a bit of pencil eraser to shim up the spring at the bottom? Its bodgy, but you can find the right size easily then make something a bit more permanent