Inner Barrel pops out

Has anyone had the alloy barrel pop out? And had to push it back in. Got it in ok after stripping the slide. Noticed 2 grooves in the t piece end. And that there’s a slight connect feeling as you push it into the t piece. Is this meant to be glued?

Same happened to my Wells MRT. ended up just gluing the inner barrel into the t piece with a little super glue. works great now :+1:

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Ta. That’s what I thought. Might check with ceh

Noticed it only happens on fresh co2 bulb

If it’s like all the others you’ll find the rubber the barrel seats in has a matching rib

If it’s seated properly and the two halves are tightened properly maybe wrap the rubber with the barrel installed once with a little tape and then reassemble the t piece

It’s not called a t piece but for the life of me ATM, can’t think of what it is called

Hop up chamber or barrel housing and bucking rubber :+1:

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Barrel housing…that’s the one

If we have a buck or hopup…umm…

Nothing to see here…frogs go lah de da de dah…