Installing an outer barrel [need help]

I got a gen 8 M4, with XM316 receiver and Noveske 7" handguard.
Already got these both installed properly, problem comes now is my outer barrel, I cant for the god of me figure out how to install it, it doesnt fit anywhere… right now its just grub screw and clamped onto the inner barrel and it just feels wrong.
This is the outer barrel I got btw

Hi and welcome. The barrel should locate into the handguard adaptor and be secured with a grub screw either side. My outer is 19mm diameter and slides straight in. You sure that barrel is for a Gen 8?

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Yeah, I’m curious as to what adapter you’ve used to secure the handguard if you haven’t got anything to keep the OB in place.

The Gen 8 adapters I’ve used in the past have grub screws for the receiver and outer barrel.

In any case, that barrel connector looks like it’s designed for something other than the Gen 8 receiver (J9/416/???).

That’s the adaptor I use

that barrels for the Hawkex tactical hk416d snd probably the LTD hk416d, not meant for gen8.

This is the exact adapter I got.

I see, I guess I gotta get different one, any recommendation? my handguard is at 7" so gotta fit that length

can you get your money back on that other barrel?
The outer barrel you need to use attaches to that adaptor with grub screws.Like this one

Better option is to get a rizer hopup extender piece

Then get a 4 piece barrel set

This way you can create the length barrel you want and can run muzzle device you want on the 14mm ccw

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Thanks, and yea I had a refund on that outer barrel as I only got it for like 3 days, went back to the shop and changed it to the 4pcs set

My build is now complete and fully satisfied with it. not getting any hopup as I only go to CQC games

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