Installing new handguard help

Hey guys I recently got a jingji handguard and I found that it kinda slips when I rotate it. Is it normal for it to twist or am I doing something wrong? I noticed that it slips around the metal ring that was provided with the handguard. HTB15UJMKHvpK1RjSZPiq6zmwXXaX.jpg_q50|500x500

Did you tighten the bolts on the handguard? The handguard should have two bolts near the end that attaches to the receiver. When tightened, they will clamp the handguard onto the adapter (“metal ring”) and should not twist.

What receiver is it attached to?

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It’s attached to the stock gen 9 receiver. And by tighten you mean make it super tight? Cuz the screws start to poke out the other side if I tighten it too hard. I’m afraid the nylon will crack

Being a gen9, the adapter is screw on, so maybe the handguard is tight onto the adapter, but the adapter rotates on the receiver thread. If that is the case, you could try some thread tape (plumbers tape) on the receiver where the adapter screws on.

I have tightened mine up pretty tight. I notice that when you tighten up one of the screws, the other goes a bit loose, so you have to go back and forth a few times before they are both tight. I wouldn’t go too nuts though, because like you said, you don’t want to crack the nylon.

I see alright I’ll give it a go. Thanks for the tip

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no probs. let us know how you go

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