Instruction manual

Working on upgrading ACR J10. Love to tinker, however, gen 9/10 assembly manual would be so helpful.

You’d be using Google translate if it did come with one (and we all know Google translate would butcher it :expressionless:)

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Every manual for the blasters I have are just an A4 sheet of paper with pretty pictures and Chinese writing :thinking:

They dont even try writing the instructions in ‘Chinglish’ like my RC heli’s, planes, boats and buggies have… I am actually an excellent translator of Chinglish now… but I am no good with Chinese…:nerd_face:

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Would love to see a full tutorial on building a gen9/10 internal box start to finish.
I’ll buy you a few cups of coffee if you do …hahaha

Shout out to Exiovus, you b a s t a r d, I’m hooked on blasters damn you after trying out your hk416 and j10 builds.

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Check out Guido’s chop shop videos on the Gen 9… he has alot of videos on Gen 8/9 and J10

His videos are a wealth of knowledge… What he doesn’t know, you could probably writhe on a postage stamp… :+1:


Bumping this. Looking for instruction manual for gen 9/10 gearbox. Surely there must be some copy of the parts list and where they go. Seriously, no PDF for any blasters?

We’ve got several project on the go to cover this @spectre720. Community driven so it will be self sustaining when it launches.


Thank you for the reply. Great news. I would be able to have a laminated copy on hand to save me from myself.
I’m sure even the experienced modders would find this useful.

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“2nd best gel blaster channel on the tubetube” apparently yet i still cant find the number 1 ranked channel. only an Aussie could be that modest to have the best gelsoft channel on tube tube and still say in his vids it’s no.2