Internal Hop-Up For Well MRT

Hi hellooo, I’m wondering if you guys would think it possible to install an air-soft hop-up inside the thing instead of having a muzzle hop up as I’m really looking to have a tracer unit on the end

if it was anything but a wells you could use the sweetheart hopups.

they slip over the barrel but are small enough to fit inside your outer barrel. cut your outer to length and you can still thread on a tracer. problem is i think the well inners are 9mm. they may still work, would just need to wrap the inner with some tape or something to build it up to 9.5mm for the sweetheart to not be loose.

Is there a barrel difference between the metal and non metal versions?

havent got either so not sure sorry.

i measured the barrel n it looks to be 9.5mm so we shall see, inner barrel also extends out past the outer barrel a bit also

From my experience no all the Wells I own came standard with metal barrels. A nice feature from Wells.and yes I’m a Wells fan :rofl: