Is an outer barrel worth it?

I’m doing up Gen 9 M4A1 and wondering if it’s worth changing the outer barrel and handguard?

Will it improve accuracy or is it just cool looking and gives overall strength?

Was looking at these:

Was going to cut down the 40cm inner and 30cm outer to suit the handguard.

I want to be able to run an angled grip but unsure if you can attach anything to standard nylon handguard.

You can get some cool metal ones for not much more… Personally I’d go metal wherever possible.

Different colours too!

That’s just an example… heaps to choose from at various prices…

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A metal outer barrel is mainly for strength. though if you place o rings on your inner barrel to hold it snug in the outer barrels you will gain some accuracy in theory.

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welcome to the zoo @Jungletactical, its an interesting question.

i’ve never not had an outer barrel of some sort and yes, strength and accuracy are often cited as prime motivators.

a quick thought would suggest that the extra stiffness a well fitted outer barrel affords should be beneficial to a well floated oring solution in terms of flap and accuracy

he says literally building an outer barrel solution for the current build,…