Is Galapagos J on here?

Anyone have contact (messenger/ FB, etc) for Galapagos J? Really loving his reviews and content. Give him a follow on the YouTubes


I would like to second this. He has a great channel.

BigWeetBix, do you reckon he is in Hong Kong???

Said he is way up north and works at a Race track. Does not wanna reveal where he is based on future content. so shush on location.
Also enjoy his channel

Yeah I’ve been watching his reviews lately too, got some great Info

Yeah only just found this bloke in the last fortnight, Location is either North Korea, Malaysia, PNG, AUS.
I’m guessing Malaysia by his videos, but do notice he goes with AUS $ with the pricing.

Well that narrows it down :joy:


Found him…
Welcome to GBF @galapagosj

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