Is is possible to put the body of an M97 in a sniper shell?

I’ve been looking around and have found that the M97 without the pistol grip or butt/sling attachment looks like it would fit in the shell of a sniper. It would make for a great high-powered sniper. I was just wondering if it could actually be done.

If you’ve got the tools, skills and time, anything can be done. There’s a crossover point though with doing something like that. Once you reach a point where you need to customise, modify or change every single part then you start asking yourself “why didn’t I just build this from scratch?”
By no means am I saying ‘don’t do it’, I’m just saying there is going to be a hell of a lot of really fiddly fuck arseing around to make everything work and not look like an enormous pile of shit.
I love really out of the box style mods, stuff that someone sat and thought about at length. I do actually hope you try this. Good luck…


As someone who owns an M97…dont do it.

I love my M97, but true to its shotgun form, hitting anything more than 5 metres away requires a certain amount of luck. Im not 100% certain why its so inaccurate but even using a hopup fails to reign in the accuracy to a level i’d consider using as a sniper. Ridiculously fun to play with still :joy:

yes they are pretty inaccurate. but i was able to hit a 2L soda bottle for 35-40 meters away, Only took me 5 hours of trying :rofl::rofl: