Is it a gel blaster or isn't it?

This is a confusing listing. But I’d still like one.

Considering it says its projectile is 6mm BB, I’d say it’s ■■■■■■■. But, looks like AS manufacturers are starting to take Gel Blasters seriously, and with controlled grow I guess you could probably fill it with 6mm gels.

Good luck with Border Force though :sweat_smile:


If you load it with plastic pellets, it’s airs0ft.
It you load it with gels, it’s gelblaster.

I’ve always assumed you can load plastic pellets of appropriate size into a gel-blaster and it would be airs0ft too. Is that not true? Sure, you’d have problems with feeding if you were using magazines, and nozzle head size, but plenty of blasters, shotguns and grenades where you could fill with a plastic BB and make it an illegal airs0ft item.