Is it where I hold my tongue?

So I’m a noob to gbb and I’ve destroyed 4 orings in a week on the 2 stage end cap :expressionless:

What am I doing wrong? I’m holding the valve in when I remove the bulb but it still blows out the oring and destroys it :man_shrugging:t4:

hold it in for longer before you start unscrewing. must still be co2 in the bulb. needs to have no pressure on the valve when you unscrew the cap. also, when you tighten the 2 stage. back off the inner one slightly after its pierced the bulb.

Welcome to gel blasting. The tech folk will be along shortly. Better service than the dude who took you money.

Don’t think I can hold the valve in much longer seems like there’s nothing in the canister but more so pressure build up between the 2 orings
Also been backing off the inner part as well thanks for the response tho :+1:

I’ve done same thing twice, though all gas was out but nooo

Been in the game for a few years just new to gas pistols it’s like starting all over again :dizzy_face:

Yeah I thought these base caps fixed this
Guess everyone got sick of complaining cos never heard much after they came out

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It has to do with how you screwed it in when you installed the bulb, you got pressurized c02 trapped between the two O rings.

Screw the inner part all the way out as far as possible, then use the small end of the key and screw the cap in just until it stops, the go a little more until the slots line up, then use the big end of the key and screw both the inner and outer together all the way in, then turn the inner all the way in them back out half a turn.

Make sure to oil or grease the O rings and the hole and threads in the mag


I found the base caps need oil on the O-rings and in the thread of the magazine.

Very gently and without any pressure wind the base cap anti-clockwise for a couple of turns. The lightly put pressure on it and wind in clockwise. That will help align the thread.

The centre of the base cap needs to be fully wound out.

Use the centre to screw the cap into the magazine until you feel it lightly seat.

Then turn the centre of the cap until it aligns to the outer slots and use the whole key to give it a light nip

Wind the centre in to pierce the bulb, then wind it back out to open the hole in the bulb.

Co2 seems to dry everything, so you need to keep oiling the base cap / mag thread / pressure release valve and the internal of the rocket nozzle, which needs oil to get into the back of the fixed piston.

Even putting a couple of drops of oil down the magazine outlet and inside the gas chamber helps.

Yeah been through about 6 bulbs each in 2 different mags 2day only thing I can put it down to is the that it needs a good buttering up of lube on the cap and thread

Thanks for the input lads enjoy the rest of your night :beers: