Is my motor faulty? :/

Hey all I’ve recently purchased a chihai red motor for a gen 8 upgrade. After the install plugged a battery in to test fire and it fired and then everything got hot, my trigger switch fried. Ordered a new wiring harness and upgraded trigger switch chucked it all back together and same thing… I should mention the entire internals of said gearbox have also been upgraded. Have since tried to install it in a he acr gearbox and I’m pretty sure it’s now fried too both gearboxes were previously running fine with metal gears and original motor. Is my motor faulty or have I screwed up somehow? Any help would be much appreciated

ive had the same issue it could be one of a couple things. what size battery you running as in volts and amps also have U upgraded to silver wire as these can withstand much higher temp than the stock silicone ones. the other is you got the positive and common terminals mixed up ln switch

hope that’s helps with mine I just needed to upgrade the wires, and switch to 10.1 Omron micro switch

Hey mate I’m running a turnigy 11.1v 1000 mah battery and have been successfully running the same batteries in other blasters with no dramas at all. Also am pretty certain that I haven’t got the polarity of the wiring mixed up. I’m sure if u were to wire the motor up incorrectly it would try to run backwards and the gearbox wouldn’t function at all… I’ll try again tonight and see what happens I guess

Haven’t upgraded the wiring yet but have a silver wiring harness on the way

from what your saying it’s the wiring bro the stock stuff cannot handle the power drawn from battery to the Chi Hai motor

also make sure your upgrading the switch from stock 5amp to 10.1amp or else that will burnt out straight away

Cheees bro I’d say you’re right seems logical, still waiting on my parts to arrive but I’ll post an update when it happens

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