Is polycarbonate or nylon better?

I’ve noticed that the new Gen9 comes with a polycarbonate OR a nylon gearbox and both are the same price - which one is better?

Nylon is stronger. But i guess poly is good for a beginner so they can see how the gearbox works before pulling it apart.

I disagree , Polycarbonate is way stronger than nylon.
It’s what they make bullet proof glass from and also headlight protectors.

A quick check up puts nylon at a tensile strength of 60-100 mpa, while polycarbonate comes in at 55-75 mpa. There’s different variants of both materials, and I don’t know which of either is used for gearboxes,so it’s difficult to answer any better than saying that nylon is likely to be stronger

You are correct that the mpa of nylon can be slightly higher, but polycarbonate has a much higher impact resistance compared to nylon.
I use both nylon and polycarbonate on a daily basis and can without doubt say it has incredible impact resistance compared to nylon.
I have made wheels from Carbon fibre, nylon and polycarbonate all identical in dimension.
Carbon has the highest mpa but failed first followed by the nylon, but the polycarbonate wheels have done hundreds of hours without a single failure even under extreme abuse.

Ok so by the sounds of it whether the gun i get is polycarbonate or nylon its going to be pretty tough?

Nylon handles shock better

Polycarb is more rigid

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Are you talking about polycarbonate or other clear type plastics ?
Polycarbonate is is not more rigid , it was designed to have some give so it can stand impact better than all nearly all other ridgid type polymers available.
But yes nylon or polycarbonate is perfect for this application.


that’s ballistic grade poly not standard poly like with the blaster

welcome to the clan demi. always happy to encourage any female to the forum/sport of blasting. if you’re getting a choice of either at no extra charge I would suggest nylon hands down then if you decide to mod the blaster that’s one less thing to buy. as the stock box’s crack eventually but once you start the upgrades it’s cracks almost instant.

It’s std polycarbonate sheet.
Search YouTube for polycarbonate strength tests there are hundreds of tests.
I have done the tests myself over many years but you can believe what you want, I was just offering my advice on it as I have a lot of experience testing and using std polycarbonate sheet available at any plastic supplier in Australia.
Standard blaster gearbox cases are not made from polycarbonate.

is it? I didn’t realise my bad but still I’ve found from my experience with like the pistons the poly was replaced 3 times and the nylon is still going and that was in 2 identical blasters

Agreed that there are many quality levels and types of polycarb and even nylon

The stock boxes I’ve seen have been acrylic. It’s repairable but it’s still acrylic. All the shock stress tolerance of a stiff block of chaulk with a hammer.

I would go the nylon though

A key curiousity here is country of origin and quality control.

It is possible that the polycarb is superior but if be doing some homework first or let someone else find the faults

Anyone remember the Rx akm? :rofl:

Ahh yes that is one thing I did not take into account, the quality of manufacture or if you are even getting real polycarbonate !
May I ask how the polycarbonate piston you used failed, did it crack or something else ?

yer it cracked but definitely no doubt the manufacturer quality would not be as good as the stuff you have dealt with

Well my nylon box is standing up to more than my poly box’s could even come close to… Proof is in the pudding.

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Is it poly or is it acrylic?

Since polycarbonate is only just starting to be used in gel blasters I can not understand how you could have destroyed them allready.
Something must be very wrong ?

I agree…too many upgrades now are cheap imitations or the Airsoft ones and I know the quality control in china has a standard much lower than ours