Is Renegade Blasters dodgy like TacToys?

Looks like Renegade Blasters might be another dodgy supplier to avoid like TacToys…

Can you believe this bullshit?


From what they said on the video they only got a small batch in, some people showed interest back a few months ago on wanting one so They are giving them priority. They are a physical shop so I’m guessing if you can make it to it you could grab it that way

I was one of the people that showed interest a few months back,. But after recently getting screwed over by TacToys and their illegal terms of service, the only thing that saved me was a chargeback on my credit card. I highly advise everyone to never purchase with a direct deposit or cash unless you really trust the seller.
I can think of only one seller perhaps two I’d trust like that.


What’s blaster is this for?

This one

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I’ve brought from Renegade Blasters 2 times & they have been great so far.

Ok. I’m 50/50 on renegade. I don’t think their dodgy like tactoys. But I think they are liars. I bought early on when I started gelball before I knew better a 2000mAh 7.4 battery. All it was was one of the cheap stick batteries which ironically didn’t last as long as them. I also paid $35 not including shipping. Severely ripped off

That said. Also bought a sight from them which on my aug tbh works amazing.

Their shipping speeds are good though. Always get it like 2 days after purchase.

Edit: proof is in the pudding.

image image

I’ve driven a car lots of times and it’s been fine too, but I still wear a seatbelt.
No credit card option, no store link saying what I’m getting, no sale… Especially on an $850 blaster!


Early in the hobby, I grabbed quite a few things from them that weren’t available elsewhere. Had some poor service around faulty product, and haven’t gone back since. Last I looked, they were one of the most expensive retailers on like-for-like items, and still charged for postage.

1st thing I would think is , is that actually them or someone pretending to be.
Thats not how you play cricket. Sounds kinda sneaky. Even a paypal option , c’mon!

If you need a front man @Arty_Marty let me know and I can arrange to do the deal for you.