Is the motor gear on a Wells different than a gen8/9

Is the motor gear on a Wells different than a gen8/9.
I just put a Wells motor gear on my 460 motor in a Gen 9 project and the gear stripped instantly. Maybe lower grade metal on the motor gear cog than my other cogs or do they have different teeth which don’t align.


Looking at pictures of keyword “Wells” or “Jinming” gears as well as 18/1 and 16/1 ratio gears online:

-Both pinion gears have 10 teeth
-Both bevel gears have 30 bevelled teeth with 10 lower teeth for interaction with the spur gear

I think they’re more ratio specific than model specific but I can’t measure the dimensional differences since I don’t have “Wells” or 16/1 ratio gears on hand :frowning_face:
It’s usually the spur gear that has more/less teeth, right?

If the gear ratios weren’t different on the pinion and bevel gear, maybe the height or placement of the pinion gear on the motor’s axle was different/out enough and it clashed with the bevel gear so badly on the first use that they didn’t give you a chance to adjust it? (would think proper metal gears would be tough enough for a small misalignment during initial adjustment/fine tuning)

I know this is an older-ish thread but, anyone else have confirmation or proper dimensions/config for the differences in gear ratios/models to potentially save someone in the future?

i will probably have to pull mine down again in the morning (ok, i probably need to do it now but cbf)

if it is different its probably the angles.

i’ll measure it up if (when) i do some maintenance on it in the morning.

a little over that one today. to be fair i did rip off the front end of the gearbox so…its not an entirely straight forward repair

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I believe it’s a 480 Long motor. I think the Gen 9’s are 460’s