Is the SKD Beretta m92 good?

I was thinking about getting one, but I don’t if it is good.
Or a recommendation :slight_smile:

I remember when i was a younger lad, merely a boy. My family lived on a road that was the only one that you could take into town from anyways a west from us. Yep, we’d see all sorts walkin into town. Ridin horses, buggies and the like. Some even in them fancy smoke making rolling, metal machines with weels.

We’ll, ya see there was this one day, must of been about 8 or 9 years old at the time, some strange looking fellow comes a strollin past, holding a piece of string, dragging it behind him. Not a care in the world. Now, we thought that this was a little strange at first, wondering what in all blazes he was up to. But the day after, there he was again. Draggin that piece of string behind him. Now i reckon, that’s not too strange. 2 days in a row.
Next day, I’m home from school, sittin on the front porch…when what do i see. The same old man stooping over, dragging that piece of string along behind himself.

Now that’s 3 days in a row now. We ain’t sayin a nothin to him as he walks on by. Just smile and wave at each other. But we be gettin really curious about what he’s doing.
So we decides to watch this fellow for a few days more.

And, yep, you can guess it…same thing again. Just dragging this piece of string along behind himself.
So we start really wondering what’s up with this old fool. We watch him for a whole week until we can take it no more.
Our curiosity had gotten the better of us.
I mean, Why was this man dragging a simple piece of string behind himself, day after day, for no apparent reason.

One day…before the man came along, we decided to finally ask the man what he was doing, why he dragged a piece of string behind himself day after day.

So the day comes when i am the nominated one to speak to the man.
So…nervously, as I saw him approach that day, i thought carefully.

He approached and i stepped out onto the dirt path to confront him.
He slowed, stopped and then looked at me.

“Hello good Sir” i said. “Excuse me, but i, and my family have seen you walk past for over a week now. All the while, pulling that long piece of string.”

The man looks at me. And looks slightly bemused. Has a chuckle to himself.

“Good sir, please indulge us all and tell us WHY you pull that piece of long string behind you?”

He looks at my family and then me and says, “For F*cks sake boy, have you ever tried pushing a piece of string?”

Yes. SKD Beretta is good for the price. Beats a crapload of crappy gbb’s.
Needs mods in the long term.
Solid performer once fixed. And you will need to at some point.
They’re good. :+1:

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I was pretty impressed when i got mine . They chose a good model too . The grips look sweet. Theyre good fun and a modded extended glock mag makes it better.
Never really used it on 7v mode as it just feels too slow. I wished it was 14v without the torch attachment.

The good thing in comparison to gbbs , these just work straight away , depending on gels.

However as soon as I got my gas blowback I sold my berreta , got the WE m92 in the mail on its way to replace it tho.


Mate !!! I’ll happily read any stories you write from here on out :joy: you need to be the official gbf story teller :ok_hand::+1: 10/10


Some may disagree strongly. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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I just tried my chrono out today. The only complete and functional blaster is my M92. It’s punching 175fps easy some higher and a couple lower. Very nice hand fit, comfortable, pretty good for an age pistola.

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