Is the Tsol pistol any good?

I keep seeing these advertised. Anyone used one?

They look a bit naff but if the internals are ok…

I think it’s what you have to do so you can say it’s it a replica firearm.

Also, I think this is what you get when a hot glue gun and a cordless screwdriver make sweet sweet love…

They look cool, futuristic!
You should buy one and review it for us :wink:

With someone else’s money, no problem :slight_smile:

If it was a rifle I might have bought one, the power of gel pistols don’t excite me much

I just want a sidearm for emergencies, and they all suck at the moment.
The gas one looks good but that will never make it to Australia…

Only option so far is making a JM m4 pistol :roll_eyes:

Yes it would be awesome if we get the gas ones here.
I would also love a good sidearm