Is there a place where i can buy the shell for a sniper?

I’ve been thinking about doing a custom sniper, though, for my design I need the shell of a sniper to put something else into. Can someone please link me to a reliable site that i can buy one from?

Hmm maybe elaborating on what the intent behind the sniper is may help people point you in the right direction, many snipers are bolt-action while some have motors, some snipers have rigid bodies like the GJ AWM, while the JY AWM has a folding stock and operable cheek-rest.

Regardless, more then likely the outcome will be that you will probably have to purchase the full base model and build off of that unless its something like an m24.

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Are you in brisbane

I’m about half 30-45 mins out of Brisbane, yes

I have a stubby ssg69 for $40 if your interested.
It fires but the bolt occasionally is a bit sticky.
@ Collingwood park

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Thanks, but i’m just looking for the shell, ill hit you up on that offer on a later date if i come to wanting the blaster. Thanks for the offer mate

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