Is this battery damaged?

Hi all,

Today I went to charge my 11.1v 1800mah lipo battery.

I charged it to about 60% prior to using in the blaster. After about 20 shots, the speed of the motor starting slowing down gradually, until the blaster stopped firing completely. I tested the battery and it still was showing around 60% charge.
I then left it on charge until it hit 100%
When I used it the same thing happened. The firing slowly decelerates until it stops completely.
My other batteries work fine in the blaster, at varying charges.
Is this battery dead? What could’ve happened to it?
I never leave them plugged in the blaster.

Im Pretty sure your not meant to completely drain the batterys to the point where the blaster stops firing. if you do that often im pretty sure that kills your cells pretty fast. so it may be that.


@BushManGreeno is correct.
If your battery goes below 3v per cell even once it can destroy it, the internal resistance goes way up and it can no longer supply high current


And it can also catch fire when you try and charge it.

And on that note, do you have a fireproof lipo charging bag? /storage bag? Good idea to get a few.

Do you have a charger that indicates the charge level of individual cells or has a charge balancing function?

Everyone that’s buying something better than the stock battery should be investing in a decent balanced charger. A real one from a hobby store …

I have one of these personally -

Admittedly it’s from my RC car days, but something like this

Is definitely worth the investment.

Used correctly, you’ll increase the life span and reliability of your batteries.

Even the stock batteries I have that came with the blasters, I have changed everything to xt30 connection and use my X1 to charge them. They never get hot, (which is why you need a battery bag), and you can charge/discharge to storage charge. Leaving a LiPo at 100% for a period of time will kill them just as quickly as letting the charge drop too low.

At a guess, your pack’s lost a cell, and since the other cells are charging, and ones not, it’s reporting back charges and it’s not

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Will that charger you linked suit the standard plug on most gel blaster batteries?
Can’t see what it takes in the description.

Mine didn’t. I made one.

They will have a banana plug on the charge side and if you can’t find the adapter you can make one easy.

The only one that’s hard to do is the mini tamiya plug. Change to xt30. The tamiya ones fail over time. Xt30’s don’t and they are easier to use than a dean/t connector


Or this